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The BV300 can evaporate as much as 50,000 litres (13,200 gallons) in 24 hours depending upon the wastewater quality. It can also be used to heat frac water or strip ammonia from leachate.

There are several configurations of this model. It can be trailer mounted for mobile projects or it can be customized for permanent placement.

Multiple BV units can be operated together in a modular fashion as well. They can be fueled with either natural gas or liquid fuels.

BV300 operating on oil and gas production site utilizing raw natural gas
Dual BV300s operating at landfill burning landfill gas


Fuel type – natural gas / methane / LPG6.08 GJ/h5.8 MBtu/h
Fuel type – diesel #2165 L/h44 gal/h
Evaporative capacity (water)2084 L/h550 gal/h
Electrical requirements415V, 3-ph, 63 kW480V, 3-ph, 63 kW
Noise value at 10 m or 33 ft70 dBA70 dBA
Dimensions2.24 m x 5.5 m88-in x 217-in