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Leachate Reduction

BeneVap will permanently reduce leachate volumes at your landfill.


Licence Requirements

We can assist with the management of wastewater on your site whilst minimising environmental impact.

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BeneVap uses submerged combustion technology to reduce liquid wastes permanently.

The BeneVap can handle water that is beyond the capability of other technologies. BeneVap is a high temperature submerged combustion device. Unlike a conventional evaporator, it does not 'boil' the wastewater to remove the water component. Extreme temperature gas bubbles vaporise water on contact which then escapes the vessel through the stack. The remaining compounds in the wastewater are either combusted or retained within the vessel producing a warm slurry called 'residual.'


  • BeneVap is not a pressure vessel.
  • No direct contact heat surface.
  • BeneVap is not increasing the mass of the contaminants.

Products & Solutions

Each BeneVap unit set up is developed with the site's operational capability in mind.

BV 150
A small footprint and is well suited for the needs of small to medium sized landfills and shale oil and gas sites.
Can evaporate as much as 50,000 litres (13,200 gallons) in 24 hours depending upon the wastewater quality.

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