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 handles the toughest wastewater under extreme conditions
stop hauling produced water from oil and gas sites
landfill leachate can be evaporated and residual kept on site
mobile evaporators are available for wastewater removal

BeneVap will handle some of the world's most difficult wastewaters. Robust water treatment is hard to find. Most water treatment systems rely upon a narrow set of operating parameters. Whereas BeneVap can treat a wide range of water qualities.

BeneVap evaporators (aka evapoconcentrators) can be used for a variety of purposes.

    • Evaporation of reverse osmosis reject
    • Heating of frac water
    • Elimination of landfill leachate
    • Reduction of produced well water

Remote access allows operators to control or monitor machine functions. Direct control is done by logging into the PLC from any internet capable device. Key data is continuously transferred to a database that can be viewed close to real-time.