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The BV 150 has a small footprint and is well suited for the needs of small to medium sized landfills and shale oil and gas sites. It can evaporate as much as 25,000 litres (6,600 gallons) in 24 hours.

The BV150 can also be used to heat frac water or strip ammonia from leachate. It can be fueled by natural gas, biogas, propane or liquid fuels.

BV150 operating on landfill with landfill biogas


Fuel type – natural gas / methane3.04 GJ/h2.9 MBtu/h
Fuel type – diesel #283 L/h22 gal/h
Evaporative capacity (water)1,042 L/h275 gal/h
Electrical requirements415V, 3 ph, 45 kW480V, 3-ph, 45 kW
Noise value at 10 m or 33ft62 dBA62 dBA
Dimensions2.3 m x 2.9 m90-in x 114-in